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Exploring The Concept of Mobile Phone Applications

It’s hard to admit but most of us can’t live without our mobile phones. Without knowing, we are fast becoming dependant on wireless devices for most things in our daily lives. Already, these have become the most important medium of communication for people with busy lifestyles. No longer used for just phone calls, mobile phones have now become vital elements of information gathering, exchange, entertainment and organization. 

As the use of mobile phones escalates, so do the number of features offered with them. These days, mobile applications for several operating systems have become very popular. These can be found in various categories like:

1.    Business & Professional

2.    Entertainment

3.    Security

4.    Lifestyle

5.    Health

6.    Travel

Such mobile applications have truly changed the way people live, work and play. Everything is becoming more convenient, faster and reachable with the help of mobile phone applications.

A recent report said that over 60% employees in modern businesses use mobile phones for work, while 20-40% uses laptops and PDA. Evidently, professionals are becoming more mobile oriented. Increasing use of mobile applications like eWorks Pro, Documents To Go and Agendus points towards a shift in employee functioning to stay connected with their clients, offices, colleagues and partners.

Before going for mobile applications, you need to understand the different kinds of mobile users. These users can be classified into three groups on the basis of their behavior. The "repetitive now" user forms the first group of mobile phones. Usually, these are people looking for repeated information of the same kind, like stock quotes or weather reports. They will typically use subscription based applications like "The Weather Channel" which offer user friendly and updated information.

The second group consists of "bored now" users. They have extra time to spend while waiting in airports, traveling on trains or sitting in cafes. Mostly, such mobile users look for entertain based applications such as FaceWarp, Bookworm, UltraIM Pro or interesting games like Sudoku Gold and Digich Solitaire 4Pack.

Lastly, mobile phone users who fall in the "urgent now" category are searching for specific information and fast results. These people are looking for accurate locations or directions to places and mostly use travel related applications like MobiTrack2007, Spb Traveler, or VITO SmartMap.

Apparently,mobile applications read more here,  are used by all kinds of people. They have opened up new vistas of information and entertainment for every sphere of life. Apart from being simple to use, these have empowered mobile users to fulfill their desires as and when required. In the coming future, new mobile applications will only make our lives more fun and exciting!



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